This is a list of questions frequently asked by customers looking into Answer360 solutions. We hope these pages help you answer any questions you have, but please feel free to contact our Sales Department at 1-800-479-5562- or by clicking HERE if you have questions not covered by this FAQ.
Why a360 for VoIP?

A high-quality VoIP deployment requires multiple crucial skill sets, experience, and infrastructure rarely found in a single vendor. Answer360 provides all of these to ensure your project’s successful outcome.

  • Only Tier 1 carriers as partners
  • Privately-owned Hosted PBX Platform with redundancy built in
  • Consulting Service to certify your existing network for VoIP
  • 20+ Years Technology, Network and IP Experience
  • One company, one monthly bill, no hassles
Call Quality?
Call us anytime to hear it for yourself – we use it to run 100% of our business telecommunications at our offices. By using a360 Hosted PBX for VoIP service, we custom engineer your solution end-to-end to have the best voice quality possible. A360 provides a comprehensive network evaluation to ensure a successful VoIP implementation.
How much does it cost?
A360 has several different pricing plans for your company’s specific needs, starting as low as $20 per user per month. In one short phone call with your personal A360 VoIP Expert, we can provide a comprehensive, clear price quote for the plans that fit your business best.
How long does it take to setup my new service?
New Customers can typically start using their a360 VoIP service as soon as one week from their order entry date. A360 can assist you in getting a more balanced internet speed or upgrade your current plan to a more suitable broadband connection in only 2 – 4 weeks.
How long does it take to add/change my existing service?
Existing Customers can add lines, extensions, and additional services within 24 hours (business day) from order entry date.
What kind of Internet connection do I need?
We recommend a minimum Business Class Internet speed (Cable Modem). We can test your connection to determine if it qualifies as a VoIP capable service.
What equipment do I need?
  1. Handsets – a360 partners with Polycom, Panasonic, and Yealink, all leading edge manufacturers of approved IP Telephones
  2. Local Area Network – We recommend a Quality of Service Switch that prioritizes your internal network traffic.
  3. Broadband Modem/Router that supports VoIP Sessions.
Who will help me integrate this into my existing network?
A360 will provide any necessary implementation support. We take pride in being available for our customers and to ensure their VoIP implementation is a pleasant experience. Any professional data network resource can provide on-site assistance with the setup of your internal network. All equipment is shipped ready to plug and play. The VoIP service setup and configuration is handled by A360 VoIP technicians within our network.
What training do I get?
A360 provides a “Train the Trainer” service for end users and a separate training session for your Administrative Staff. This is all included with A360’s VoIP service.
Who can I call for technical help and when can I call them?
Our Level 1 Customer Care Team is available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 6 pm CST to answer basic level questions and open trouble tickets for any issues that require higher level intervention. Level 2 Technicians are on-call 24×7 to assist with Service Impairments.
Can I keep my existing PBX hardware?
A360 specializes in a Hosted PBX solution that eliminates the need for an onsite phone system. Our solution is superior in features, flexibility and cost to most small business PBX systems.
Can I keep my existing telephone handsets?
Yes, any analog phone or A360 approved IP phone can be configured to work with our VoIP services. We do recommend our customers strongly consider using one of the A360 IP Phone products.
Can I keep my existing phone numbers?
Most numbers can be ported. In rare cases, there may be some numbers that may not be transferable.
Can I combine all my offices and remote users under a single unified phone system?
Yes, all users can participate in a single “enterprise” system regardless of geographical location including the ability to dial any other user using a three or four digit extension and can be located from a single company directory.
Is there a Contract Term?
A360 is one of very few Hosted VoIP providers that does not require a contract term. If we can’t provide reliable, quality service day in and day out, we don’t deserve your business.
Do I have to purchase my equipment from a360?
No, but we recommend buying through A360 to ensure compatibility and proper configuration.
What calls are included with the service?
All calls within the US and Canada are included. International rates vary by country.
Can I get an international phone number?
We have local service in more than 40 countries. Please inquire for your specific request.
Can I record my own greetings?
Yes, you can record greetings yourself by phone or PC, import professionally recorded greetings or use our default system greetings.
Can I use my current phone number with the a360 service?
Yes, simply forward your calls to your A360 number. Or transfer (port) the number to us entirely. Your existing number will be enhanced with the powerful business tools offered by a360.
Can I switch my current toll free number to a360?
Yes, you can transfer (port) a toll free number to a360
Can I choose my own toll free vanity number?
Yes, you can get a toll free vanity number for your business through a360. Numbers are subject to availability and the ordering process for vanity numbers takes anywhere from 7 to 10 days to complete. There is a $30 setup fee for ordering vanity numbers.
Do I “own” my number? Can I keep my toll free number if I choose to cancel?
The number you receive upon signup is your own personal toll free or local number. So long as you have paid for at least one month of service and your account is active and in good standing, you may keep your number.